Tip Tuesday: How To Wrap Egg Rolls

There’s nothing better than a hot, crispy egg roll! Whether you choose a sweet or savory filling, these treats are bound to please, and they’re easier to wrap than you might expect! Check out the step-by-step picture tutorial below to see how to do it!

First, lay the wrapper out in a diamond shape, and put the filling about 2 inches away from the bottom corner. (I’m using the filling from my Pisang Coklat to demonstrate.)
Fold up the bottom corner over the filling, and roll it back to pack the filling tightly.
Fold in the side corners, and dab some water on the top corner.
Finally, roll it up nice and tight. Use the wet edge to seal the egg roll, and voila!
As a bonus, uncooked egg rolls freeze beautifully. Just stick them in a zip top freezer bag and squeeze out the extra air before sealing. This way, you can have the perfect amount of homemade egg rolls anytime you want!


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